What is a Friends Group?

A friends group is a group of volunteers who work together to support the park in many ways. Friends groups help the park by members volunteering their time, skills, equipment and fundraising abilities. Members have the opportunity to share their time and talents with others while supporting the park. Members come from all walks of life and may be active both physically and financially. Members can be as active as their schedules permit; there are no time requirements of members.

The Friends of GTSP was formed in August of 2004 by a group of individuals who are interested in the development of the new park. These friends have paved the way for more individuals to follow to help the park grow and take shape. Please help out the park by volunteering and becoming a Friend.

Another way to help is to purchase a Garden Brick. The proceeds will be used for various improvements in the park. Help us keep this state park beautiful, attractive and creating memories for many years to come.

What projects can I work on now?

This is a great opportunity for involvement in your state park. The park may not be fully developed yet, but there is still work to do. Current opportunities available for anyone interested in volunteering include:

  • Bird Surveys

  • Frog/amphibian surveys

  • Trail maintenance

  • Litter clean up

  • Tree transplanting

  • Brush removal

  • Tree/plant surveys

  • Mushroom/moss surveys

  • Survey data entry

  • Invasive species control

  • Sign making

  • Minor construction projects

  • Painting

  • Gate Installation

  • Assisting the park maintenance staff

For more information, please contact the park manager at

715-757-3979 or email